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FSI power-tech changes name

Press release

The Ølholm company, FSI power-tech, is Europe’s largest manufacturer of stump grinders. Now they change their name.

Soon the citizens of Ølholm will have to get used to a new name on the FSI power-tech facade at Erhvervsparken 14. The manufacturer of stump grinders is changing its name to FSI Stump Cutters. This is to show that the company is 100 percent dedicated to stump cutters.
– Among our competitors, we are the only ones who only make stump cutters, and we want to signal that with our new name, says COO Kim Schmidt.

Wild growth journey
FSI’s journey started at Søndervang 1 in Ølholm, where Henning Schmidt developed and built the first stump grinder. Today, FSI Stump Cutters sells stump cutters worldwide and is by far the largest manufacturer in Europe. From the address at Erhvervsparken 14, they produce son such a large scale that they have just had to expand their production building by 1,200 square metres of storage space. The expansion comes just three years after they built a 1,500 square metre production building. In other words, FSI Stump Cutters is growing, and they don’t plan to stop there.
– We have set ourselves a firm target of doubling our size by 2030, and that kind of growth requires space,” says Kim Schmidt.

Sticking to Ølholm
Although the production of stump cutters is an extreme niche, the local company has established itself as a serious player in the market. Yet they remain committed to local life in Ølholm and the surrounding area.
– We have many suppliers in Hedensted Municipality and preferably use local subcontractors. What we can get locally, we buy locally. This offers great flexibility and a good, close dialogue, says FSI’s Production Manager, Michael Schmidt.

FSI Stump Cutters has therefore no plans to leave Ølholm. This is indicated by the facade of Erhvervsparken 14, which will soon be adorned with the new name – both on the building and on a new sign pylon.
– Our new name, location and expansion of production capacity and warehouse, signals both our plans to continue to grow and develop, but also that we are not going anywhere. FSI power-tech belonged in Ølholm, and so does FSI Stump Cutters, says Michael Schmidt.

– FSI Stump Cutters is owned and operated by Henning Schmidt and his sons Kim and Michael Schmidt.
– The company designs, develops and produces stump grinders for the professional market.
– About 90 percent of the turnover is export sales.

For more information, contact
Kim Schmidt, tel: +45 92 444 448, mail: [email protected]