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The FSI B31 is off to a flying start

Danmarkspremiere på FSI's nyeste skud på stammen FSI B31


In May, FSI launched the latest addition to their range – the FSI B31 stump cutter. We are extremely proud of the positive reactions we have received to the FSI B31, we have already sold twice as many as we expected for the whole of 2023, says Kim Schmidt, FSI Stump Cutters, and continues: “You could say that with the FSI B31 we have hit bullseye, and we are optimistic that this progress will continue.

When size meets strength - compact efficiency in one package

As a first for FSI in the ENGINE segment, the cutter head on FSI B31 is powered by a hydraulic motor, with powerful pumps and valves replacing the clutch and traditional V-belt drive. This eliminates the need for daily checks and re-tightening.

FSI B31 delivers a working range beyond expectations with a 120 cm swing, along with a powerful EFI gasoline engine and a narrow design of only 74 cm that allows effortless passage even in the narrowest of garden spaces. The large contact area of the tracks combined with a very low center of gravity, thanks to the location of the hydraulic tank between the tracks, ensures stability and good maneuverability in all types of terrain, while the well-known FSI element, the swing-out control panel, provides a full overview of the work area when grinding and during transport.

FSI B31 stands out as an extremely compact and maneuverable machine without compromising on efficiency or workspace.

Short path from demand to development

The newly developed FSI B31 was born out of a request from one of Europe’s largest rental companies. They wanted a compact machine that combined good performance and intuitive operation with minimal maintenance. As part of the development process, the existing options on the market were carefully examined to ensure that the FSI B31 took the lead in terms of functionality, usability and quality from the start.

We've worked closely with the biggest players in the rental industry for many years. They know our high quality and great service, but in this segment we haven't been able to offer a product before. That's why we listen to the industry and their requests, just as we listen to our other partners, customers and users to ensure our solution matches their needs. With FSI B31, we have not only fulfilled the wishes of the rental industry, but also ensured that the FSI B31 is at the very top of this segment.

Launy Luckmann, Development Engineer at FSI

The FSI B31 is therefore particularly aimed at rental companies with both private and professional customers, but landscapers with occasional stump and root cutting needs as well as dedicated stump grinding providers will also benefit from the compact and efficient machine. Especially with changing and less experienced operators, the benefits of FSI B31 are clear, the intuitive operation with safety bar that ensures the operator’s presence at the control panel, the low center of gravity that minimizes the risk of tipping the machine and the built-in soft-start valve that protects both the fuel and hydraulic engine in case of inappropriate operation, all help to increase safety for the operator, surroundings and machine operation.

With FSI B31, the goal was to design a simple and efficient stump grinder built from high-quality components. It requires minimal maintenance, is easy to operate, has a large capacity and a large working area for a machine of its class, says Kim Schmidt and continues We look forward to showcasing the FSI B31 for the first time in Denmark and getting potential users’ feedback and input.

FSI Stump Cutters will be exhibiting at Have & Landskab 2023, at Stand 20 in the Forest, Wednesday d. August 30 – Friday d. September 1st

About FSI Stump Cutters:

FSI Stump Cutters, based in central Denmark, has in 20 years secured its place as Europe's largest manufacturer of stump cutters. FSI stump grinders are characterized by high capacity, stable operation and simple operation backed by competent technical support. FSI offers the widest range in the industry and is the only manufacturer in the world that can supply stump grinders in the three segments; ENGINE, HYDRAULIC and TRACTOR.

- FSI Stump Cutters is owned and operated by Henning Schmidt and his sons Kim and Michael Schmidt.
- The world's only 100% dedicated manufacturer of stump grinders and root cutters.
- The company designs, develops and produces stump grinders for the professional market. Approximately 90 percent of revenue comes from export sales.

For more information, contact Kim Schmidt, tel.: +45 92 444 448, [email protected]