Stump grinder for PTO (35-80 hp)


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FSI T27 is for mounting on tractors and similar machines with PTO ranging from 35-80 HP.

The frame for 3-point-linkage (Cat 1 and 2) is designed with feet to ensure stability during stump cutting.

The movements of the stump grinder are controlled via joystick. Moving the joystick controls the cutterhead movements from side to side, as well as up and down. The buttons on the joystick are used to move the cutter head back and forth on the arm, allowing you to cut larger stumps without having to move your tractor.

FSI T27 – Tractor attachment for stump grinding is delivered including. 

  • Extra bracket for control box – allowing you to place it on or near the tractor.
  • Hinged chip guard limits the spread of debris. While still grinding as deep as 40 cm below the surface.  
  • PTO axle, joystick, and hydraulic top link as standard
  • Available for tractors and tool carriers with 540 RPM power-take-off
FSI 25 - 16 pcs.140 - 175 cmMax 5.1 cm per sweep40 cm
40 cm360 kg27-60 kW / 35-80 HP35 l/min. @ max 180 bar

Quick info

  • 3-point linkage (Cat. 1 & 2)
  • PTO power transmission (540 RPM)
  • T-Gear and V-belt drive for optimal power transmission
  • Electro-hydraulic joystick with full control
  • Control box with extra bracket for mounting on tractor
  • Hydraulic extension of the cutter head
  • Adjustable support legs
  • Tool set