FSI H40S 50-75

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FSI H40S 50-75

FSI H40S is a stump grinder attachment with an integrated swing movement for loaders and tool carriers.
The recommended machine size is 1.5 – 2.5 t.

The H40S is attached using a tool grip/coupling. The swing movement is performed using two cylinders controlled either from the electronic control box or connected via an existing joystick.
The machine is equipped with a flange to attach the tool grip. Includes hydraulic hoses.

FSI 25 - 16 pcs110 cmMax 5.2 cm per sweep200 kg
???18-31 kW / 25-42 HP50-75 l/min @ max 250 bar

Quick info

Hydraulic driven stump cutter with integrated sweep movement for fitting to loaders and tool carriers. The stump cutter is supplied with an uncoated
backplate to which an attachment can be fitted. FSI provides a range of adaptor brackets suitable for the most common tool carriers and loaders upon
Two hydraulic cylinders ensure a stable sweeping movement in either direction. Control of the sweeping movement can be done either from the tool
carrier or by an electronic control box depending on the connectors available on the tool carrier or loader.
FSI HxxS stump cutters require a free-flow return to the tank (leak oil).