Self-propelled stump grinder with 2WD and petrol engine


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The FSI B28 is for the serious professional user working with stump removal.

All operation is done from the integrated panel where both driving and stump grinding are controlled. On the panel, differential locks can be engaged and disengaged and the speed of the sweep movement can be regulated.
Safety is top notch, the safety bar on the panel must be activated to start the cutter head.

Optional equipment:

Twin wheels with grass profile and centre bolt for quick mounting. Width + 550 mm See photo

Twin wheels with tractor profile For better grip on slopes, etc. See photo.

LED work light. Turn on/off via control panel See photo

Special color instead of original FSI red. Additional delivery time is to be expected

FSI 21 - 8 pcs.135 cmMax. 4.8 cm per sweep80 cm38 cm
26.5 hpGasolineNo80 cm665 kg

Quick info

  • V-belt drive for optimal power transmission
  • FSI power-clutch – powerful hydraulic clutch with active brake
  • Safety bar, disengaging the cutter wheel upon release
  • Fast braking of cutter disc on disengaging
  • Hydraulic 2WD
  • Mechanical differential lock for better mobility and increased traction
  • 90 degrees swing-out control panel, provides excellent visibility of the cutting area
  • Easily accessible lashing & lifting points
  • Tool set
  • Integrated toolbox
  • OPTION: Twin wheels with centre bolt for easy fitting/removing
  • OPTION: FSI power-sweep – intelligent sweep controller for top performance