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FSI Key Features

When working with a stump grinder, it is important to consider the features that align with your specific needs.These features not only enhance the machine’s value but also deliver an optimal solution for operators, ensuring the most efficient, convenient, and safe stump grinding experience.


The FSI power-cut cutter wheel is designed for efficient chip removal and reducing material build-up inside the housing, resulting in less recirculation. With less recirculation you’ll experience less wear on your FSI teeth, decreasing the overall cost of operation.


FSI power-sweep is a carefully engineered support system that optimises cutting capacity while reducing engine and drivetrain stress. This system helps inexperienced operators avoid overloading the engine and minimises fatigue for skilled operators during long
workdays. By monitoring engine speed and automatically adjusting the cutter wheel sweep speed, FSI power-sweep ensures the most efficient conditions, enhancing overall performance.


A robust and reliable clutch specifically developed for use in stump cutters. With safety as a priority, an integrated brake ensures the cutter wheel comes to a stop within seconds when the clutch is disengaged, either by pushing the button or releasing the safety bar. Manufactured in-house and with all components available as individual spare parts, this heavy-duty design offers cost-effective parts replacement, without having to replace the whole clutch.


With the two-speed ground drive, FSI power-drive, you have the choice between HIGH for faster transport speeds or LOW with increased traction and manoeuvrability over terrain or when stump cutting. To ensure best possible traction for stump cutters on wheels, a differential lock is added to provide reliable travel over terrain.

*Available in selected models from the FSI Engine-category


Another key feature we consider when designing the machines is narrow access.  We understand that access is crucial in securing jobs, and that’s why we think about it already in the early design stages carefully selecting components to achieve a slim design.  

For stump cutters with twin wheels, these can easily be removed by loosening a single centre bolt, making it easy to navigate through narrow garden gates.